Friday, July 29, 2011

Size Doesn't Matter

So it been some time since my last post but Le Petit Baker is back in action.  I took quite the extended break from baking and blogging because life got messy; finishing up school, moving out of my apartment, moving into a new apartment, and staying in the suburbs with my parents for a few weeks, did not give me many opportunities to bake.  But now I'm in a new apartment and exploring the baking world again.  However, I have been lazy on blogging mostly because of the fact I have not bothered to set up wireless internet in my new closet, I mean studio.  

I've moved into a quaint vintage studio apartment and it is absolutely tiny but I'm already growing to love it.  Surprisingly it has not been too difficult to adjust to the "kitchen."  By kitchen, I mean a six foot wide space that houses a small fridge, a tiny countertop, a sink, and the cutest little oven I've ever seen!

Down for the Count[er]

It has been quite the task to bake considering the lack of counter space.  It's forcing me to be incredibly neat and organized during the baking process, which normally is not the case for me. But I look at it this way: if I can bake here, I certainly can bake anywhere.  

Recently I spoke with a culinary student and explained my tiny situation.  He told me how he avoided cooking and baking in any kitchen that was not the culinary school's.  The problem here is that I believe you do not need a tool for every project and enough space to make a mess.  Facing an issue and not having the proper tool to solve it requires innovation which can lead to new discoveries and ideas.  So for now, I'm going to have to face all the issues that will arise in my kitchenette. 

Coming Soon...

Disregarding the recent heat wave, I risked turning on my oven and creating a mini inferno in my studio to bake a few things; pound cake (which happened to overcook since I'm not fully acquainted with my new oven), quiche (which I made some improvements to), a fresh strawberry tart (with a hint of black pepper), along with a few other treats.

Future baking experiments include a banana coconut cake, croissants, and I most excited for a luau themed wedding cake for my newly eloped cousin!