About Le Petit Baker

I have a passion for baking and have dedicated this blog to baking and to life. 

I am currently a student at DePaul University studying mathematics.  Although I'm studying math, baking has been my passion ever since I was a little girl baking by my mother's side. 

I aspire to start my own bakery one day but for now I just bake out of any kitchen I can find.  I call myself Le Petit Baker because although I may not be that "petit" I am little in the sense that I am starting my baking adventure all by myself.  I'm gradually becoming more knowledgeable about baking and taking on new challenges and that's what this blog is for.  The "Le Petit" is a french spin on my baking image.  I am inspired by French cafes and the French pastry arts. 

I hope this blog offers my readers insight to baking, life, as well as entertainment as you read about Le Petit Baker.