Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Be Back in 5

Sadly, baking is taking a back seat this week.  Between pre-finals week and the St. Patrick's Day season at work, responsibility is calling.   However, I have recently made some efforts to break out in the baking world (however, none of these efforts have been successful).

PERKy baking enthusiast willing to work for free!

First off, I've been trying to get a job at a bakery for quite some time now (nothing against the lovely Emmit's) but have been unsuccessful due to my lack of experience.  I had the idea to offer to intern for some small cafe (whose identity I shall conceal).  I spoke with the owner and told her my long, extensive future plans and the struggle I have had finding a job.  My impression was that she was interested, I mean I was offering her my FREE labor.  However, her excuse that she was too busy to interview me (even though her cafe was completely empty) threw me off.  She claimed that she would call me later in the week, but she didn't.

The Empty Inbox

Next, I decided I should try to sell my baked goods.  I looked into a few farmer's markets and sent an email to the one I found to be most casual (an indoor farmer's market held in a undisclosed bar).  I described my situation (a student bakery with aspirations of a sole proprietorship who would love the opportunity to network and get feedback on her pies!) through an email.  I eagerly checked my email for a week only to find it empty, just like their bottles. ;)

Where's the Beef?
So my major beef with these people are that they never bothered to respond.  I can handle rejection, hey just tell me that you don't want some unexperienced baker selling potentially roofied pies to your innocent customers (my only secret ingredient is love, not drugs).  So a lesson to all of you: just be forward with your intentions and thoughts- if you don't want the lovely Le Petit Baker, just tell the lovely Le Petit Baker, I'll appreciate the honesty (and I'm sure I'm not the only one).

Calling All Stalkers

Hey, all of my stalkers, I mean readers (who for some reason refuse to "follow" my blog!) if you know anyone who knows someone who would want to offer the hardworking, passionate, and creative Le Petit Baker a baking opportunity, let me know!

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