Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Vintage Find

A few days ago I went to an antique store.  Along with the cuban cigar box and 1960s cigarette case, I bought a pie and pastry recipe booklet from the 1970s.  I figured that this book would hold some precious recipes so I tested some out for a beer and baked goods Saturday at Emmit's. 
(My attempt to promote myself at Emmit's)

Since I took a few week weeks off baking for Emmit's I decided to bake two pies; one fruit and one cream.  I chose a spiced pear pie and a coconut custard pie. The recipe booklet I bought was interesting in comparison to recently published cookbooks.  While more recent cookbooks offer a step by step detailed list of instructions, this booklet basically gave you a list of recipes and maybe one instruction.  I liked this change of pace considering I am generally too stubborn or impatient to follow every detail.  So I woke up early Saturday and baked my pies.

I am generally more partial to cream pies but I feel that the spiced pear pie was too delicious!  A tasty spice I used was nutmeg (which is my secret ingredient that I incorporate into everything that I bake, along with love).  I also incorporated some lemon juice and zest which I could certainly taste. 

Although I found the pear pie to be a better creation, the generally consensus from Emmit's regulars and employees was in favor of the coconut custard.  The best part of the day was seeing my favorite men (Ron, Dave, Tom, and Jerry) sitting at the bar simultaneously drinking a Guinness and eating my pie! I was lucky enough the sneak a picture on my cellphone.

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