Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Sadly I am getting out of the habit of blogging but I am still baking so here's a little update about what going on with Le Petit Baker.

Saturdays at Emmit's

Beer and baked goods Saturdays are really catching on at Emmit's.  It definitely makes work more exciting and I love when someone comes in and asks what I baked!  I find myself bringing in sweets not only on Saturdays now.  This week I made vanilla orange biscotti and sugar cream pie.

Farmer's Market

I will officially be selling pie at the Empty Bottle's Summer Farmer's Market on Sunday May 15th (right before my birthday)!  I am extremely excited for my first opportunity to sell something even though I probably won't make much money.  I'm still deciding if I should stick to only pie or some other pastries too (I figured pie would be the easiest thing to sell).  So come see Le Petit Baker (along with follower Sam Masi) at the Farmer's Market (Note: I'm pretty sure the market is 21+ because it is a bar but I'll check on that).  

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