Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pi[e] Day!

Happy Pie Day!  So of course I am celebrating with my favorite dessert: pie.  I've been exploring how to make a ginger pie for about a week now and what better day to try it out than a day dedicated to pi or pie. I recently fallen in love with ginger.  I love baking with fresh ginger.  Ginger typically has a potent, spicy, tangy taste but when paired with some sugar, the taste is irresistible (at least for me!).  So, the second that my roommate reminded me today was pie day, I got started on this new creation.

Ginger Pie

I was surprised when I started looking for ginger pie recipes and couldn't find any.  I'm certain that I have seen ginger pie before but Google offered little results except for a fellow blogger who offered me a place to start.  I read the recipe and made a few adjustments.
Ginger pie is a custard like a pie, I found the base to be similar to a chess pie. Thinking about what would complement the ginger, I decided to add pecans to the pie dough.  I then proceeded with the pie filling.  The filling consisted of sugar (lots of it), butter, eggs, flour, fresh ginger, and lemon zest.  I added a few extra spices that I knew would bring out the ginger flavor.  I sprinkled the top of the pie with some sugar and baked.

As Told by Ginger

Well, as appetizing as I find ginger to be, it's not for everyone.  Not everyone can handle finding a fresh bit of ginger in their custard pie.  The fresh ginger pieces surprise you when it seems you're eating an ordinary custard pie but that's what I love about it; the unexpected crunch and spice.  But isn't that just like life- one minute you're going about you're daily routine and the next minute something or someone comes up and offers you a little spice to your life?  I should probably start baking more ginger pie.

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